Statuses are:

  • Maintain: Continuously updated, will change frequently.
  • Can be Replaced: Outdated, can be repurposed for something else.
  • Investigate: Either abandoned or outdated, usefulness of contents unclear.
  • Retain: Keep it around for posterity. Do not change unless necessary.
  • Ongoing: Prototyping is still ongoing, pending implementation.
  • Personal: Editor's personal sandbox for testing.

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Test Page Index

Page Number Owner Contents Status
Test: 0 DCPX Test Page Index Maintain
Test: 1 DCPX Cursed Waves Guide Prototype Ongoing
Test: 2 Whisp Dialogue V0 Prototype Investigate
Test: 3 Lina Gallery Template Prototype Retain
Test: 4 Lina FAQ V2 Prototype Ongoing
Test: 5 Whisp Weapon Table Display Prototype Ongoing
Test: 6 Whisp Staff Display Prototype Ongoing
Test: 7 Octane Operation Guardians Prototype (Already Live) Personal
Test: 8 DCPX Event Guide Prototype Personal
Test: 9 Lina Character List Prototypes/Image Display Prototypes Personal/Ongoing
Test: 10 GAMEPRO Battle Pass Prototype Personal/Ongoing
Test: 11 Spectrazz Images in FAQ Template Prototyping + Audio Media Player + Social Media Display Personal/Ongoing (Social Media Display)
Test: 12 Lost + Roboardo How to Play Progress Tracker + Prototypes Personal/Ongoing
Test: 13 Lina Dialogue V1 Prototype Personal/Ongoing
Test: 14 Roku Dorm Guide Prototype Personal/Ongoing
Test: 15 Roku Helpful Dorm Info Retain
Test: 16 Anyone Cooking Lulu Prototype Ongoing
Test: 17
Redirects to
Test: Story_Test_Page
GAMEPRO Summarized story Tab Prototype Investigate
Test: 18 DCPX Social Media Display Prototype Already Implemented, Can be Replaced
Test: 19 Lina Team Comps Prototype Can be Replaced
Test: 20 Lost Stronghold Mob lineup Prototype Personal
Test: 22 Ashborn Noan Info Prototyping Personal
Test: 24
Redirects to
Test: 24/Alpha
Alex PPC Prototyping Can be Replaced
Test: 33 Spectrazz Various Prototypes Personal
Test: 34 SteveStage - Personal
Test: 35 Spectrazz Broken Tabber Prototype Investigate/Can be Replaced
Test: 40 Spectrazz Working Tabber Prototype Retain
Test: 41 Spectrazz Working Tabber V1 Prototype (With color) Retain
Test: 42 Insmas Ultimate PPC Guide Prototype Personal
Test: 51 Viktor Frame Page Prototype Personal
Test: 55 VLDR FAQ Prototype V0.5 Personal
Test: 56 Robardo Norman Revival Guide Personal
Test: 57 Naphlcn CN S Void Luna Patch Note Completed
Test: 58 Naphlcn CN S Hanying Patch Note Ongoing / Anyone can edit
Test: 69 WhytShadow Efficient Dorm Decoration Prototype Personal
Test: 72 Udon Team Building Guide Prototype Personal/Ongoing
Test: 73 Potaters Norman Revival Plan Prototype Personal/Maintain
Test: 74 Potaters Beginner Guide Prototype Personal/Maintain
Test: 75 Potaters War Zone Guide Prototype Personal/Ongoing
Test: 77 Viktor ??? Investigate/Can be Replaced
Test: 97 Zmotion Glossary Page Prototype Personal/Retain
Test: 99 Lina Cool Notices + Various Prototypes Personal/Retain (Cool Notices)
Test: 421 Photis Lore Team Layout Prototypes Personal
Test: 200 Lost Sequence Pact Enemy Lineup Prototyping Personal
Test: 777 Cain - Personal
Test: 999 Lina Bridget Test Page Personal/Can be Replaced
Test: 9999 Lina Weapon Page Revamp (Removed Signature, Added compatibility) Ongoing
Test: 99999 Lina PGR Global Revamp (Already Live) Personal/Can be Replaced
Test: Story Test Page - Story Test Page Prototype Can be Replaced