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Patch Summary


Gameplay Changes

  • Phantom Pain Cage Changes:
    • Skirmish Point has been added to Ultimate Phantom Pain Cage.
    • Players can unlock Skirmish Point upon accumulating a total of 1.8M points in that week’s Ultimate Phantom Pain Cage.
    • Skirmish Point features three different stages. Among the three stages, the score of the two stages in which the player scores the highest will be combined to calculate the total score for Skirmish Point.
    • Players can receive a small amount of Phantom Pain Scars and Hypertune Crystals based on their Skirmish Point score ranking.
  • The boss rotation for the Ultimate Phantom Pain Cage have been updated:
    • Group α: Added [Chapter 27 Boss] (weakness: Fire); Removed Luna
    • Group β: Added [Chapter 28 Boss] (weakness: Ice); Removed Machiavelli
    • Moved Luna and Machiavelli to the Outlier Zone.
  • Ranking rewards have been removed from the Ultimate and Advanced Phantom Pain Cage. Previous ranking rewards have been relocated to the cumulative score progress rewards.
  • Test and Elite difficulties have been removed from all levels of Phantom Pain Cage.
    • Following this change, the difficulty and maximum possible score for Knight, Chaos, and Hell difficulties have been adjusted.
    • The maximum AP of each character has been reduced to 3.
    • The number of available daily challenge attempts for Phantom Pain Cage has been adjusted. From Monday to Friday, the player can now challenge bosses up to 3 times a day. From Saturday to Sunday, the player can now challenge bosses up to 9 times a day.
    • The number of Phantom Pain Cage clear requirements for Weekly and Tactical Assessment Manual missions has been reduced.
  • War Zone Changes
    • A new region, [Platform of Nullity], has been added.
    • [Platform of Nullity] features enemies that are weak against the Void element and possess Homeostatic Forcefield every 3 waves. At the same time, enemies in [Platform of Nullity] receive increased Physical and all types of Elemental DMG.
  • Derived From Matrix Changes
    • A new mechanic, [Entropic Shift], has been added.
    • Upon completing the ending [Paramita], an event titled [Xeno-Projection] will appear in subsequent runs. The player can activate the [Entropic Shift] mechanic during the run through this event.
    • Upon activating [Entropic Shift], the player can increase [Entropy] through accessing certain events or acquiring certain Artifacts.
    • Increasing [Entropy] makes enemies stronger but also increases the chance of encountering special events and receiving better rewards.
    • Upon increasing [Entropy:β] to a certain level, the player can upgrade a memory set in their possession through a special event.
    • Two new endings have been added.
    • A new mechanic, [Metamorphic Projection], has been added.
    • Upon completing a run, the player will accumulate [Overflow Points]. The higher the value of [Overflow Points], the more likely it is to trigger [Metamorphic Projection] at the beginning of a new run.
    • If [Metamorphic Projection] is successfully triggered, the player will choose a character to upgrade. The recruitment cost of the upgraded character will be reduced to 0, and they will require 1 less Memory piece to trigger the effect of the full Memory set.
    • [Overflow Points] will reset once [Metamorphic Projection] is triggered.
    • Achievements have been added to Derived From Matrix.
    • Players can unlock more Artifacts and acquire chat stickers, a portrait icon, and portrait frame by completing achievements.
  • Clash Reflection Changes
    • [Inver-Flow Zone] has been added. [Fission Zone] has been taken out of the rotation and added to [Spill Point].
  • The enemy gathering effect of Qu: Shukra’s Core Passive: Rimy Valediction has been optimized.
  • Achievements have been added to the Main Story chapters. Chapter 30: Stars Ensnared and the subsequent Main Story and ER chapters will feature Achievements.
  • Guild Expedition: Season 5 is available during Stars Ensnared.


2024 Lunar New Year Event Information

  • 3-Day Login Bonus
    • Log in to the game for a total of three days to receive the following rewards: 888 Black Cards, player portrait icon, and chat sticker
  • Gift of Spring
  • Limited Time Recharge Event
  • New Year’s Greeting Mail
    • A total of three in-game mails will be sent over 10 Feb 2024-12 Feb 2024. Each mail contains the following rewards: 888 Event Construct R&D Tickets, 8 Serum Bundle β (M), 88,888 Cogs
  • New Year’s Playground
    • Participate in this mini-game event to receive the following rewards: 500 Event Construct R&D Tickets, 1,000 Trade Vouchers, chat stickers, collectible, and more.
  • Coatings Rerun
  • The following coatings will be available for purchase with Rainbow Cards during the event:
  • New Life Series
  • Operation Zero Series
  • Spring Festival Series
  • Endearment Series
  • Festivals Series
    • Spring Breeze (Liv: Lux).
    • <Weapon Coating> Light Silk (Levi-Gun).
  • Corrosion Series
  • HQ Attire Series
  • Horizon Series
  • Gilded Glamor Series
    • Mandala Dance (Sophia: Silverfang).
    • Fiery Moon (Luna: Laurel).
    • <Weapon Coating> Dawn’s Judgment (Amplifier).
    • [Unreleased in GLB] Alt Coating 3 (Vera: Garnet).
    • [Unreleased in GLB] <Weapon Coating> Alt Coating 3 (Banner Spear).
  • Underground Arena Series
  • Fairy Garment Series
  • Yesterday Once More Series
  • Paradise Lost Series
    • Scarlet Redeemer (Lee: Hyperreal).
    • [Unreleased in GLB] Alt Coating 3 (Lucia: Plume).
    • <Weapon Coating> [Unreleased in GLB] Alt Coating 6 (Katana).
  • Hallow Series
    • Spectral Parade (Kamui: Tenebrion).
    • <Weapon Coating> Danza Macabra (Greatsword).
  • Ephemeral Euphony Series
  • Mistletoe Series

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