Wintry Shackles

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Patch Summary


Gameplay Changes

Even numbered event farming stages (the ones that give Memories) have been removed.
  • There is now a single event stage to obtain event tokens.
    • Event farming stages are no longer time gated.
    • The Black Card rewards you could previously receive upon the first-time clear of weekly set of event stages can now be claimed by increasing your Authority Level.
  • New episode of Arcade Anima.
  • The Boss rotation for the Ultimate Phantom Pain Cage has been updated:
    • Group β: Iron Maiden-Phantasma, Boss of ER03 added.
    • Boss #2 of Chapter 11, Boss of Main Chapter EX02 have been moved to the [Outlier Zone] of the Phantom Pain Cage.


  • New fortunes have been added to the Guild lobby fortune telling machine.
  • New soundtracks are available for purchase using [Synergy Points].

Global Patch Notes

Wintry Shackles Overview




Official Patch Notes


February 23rd 2024, 02:00 - 09:00 am (UTC)




1. New Character

Lucia: Crimson Weave

Info: S-Rank Lightning Attacker

  • 100% rate up in [Themed Event Construct] and [Fate Themed Construct] research during 2024/2/23 (after maintenance) - 2024/3/23, 07:59 (UTC)

2. New 6★ Weapon


Info: 6★ Lucia: Crimson Weave Exclusive Daisho

  • 80% rate up in [Target Weapon] research since 2024/2/23 (after maintenance).

3. New S-Rank CUB


Tag: Pull, Damage

  • Recommended for Lucia: Crimson Weave
    • 100% rate up in [CUB Weapon] research during 2024/2/23 (after maintenance) - 2024/3/23, 07:59 (UTC).

4. New Character Coatings

1) Zhuolu's Rain (Lucia: Crimson Weave Exclusive SFX Coating)

Duration: 2024/2/23 (after maintenance) - 2024/4/7, 07:59 (UTC)
  • Price: 168 RC (30% off)

2) March Hare (Karenina: Scire Exclusive SFX Coating)

Duration: 2024/2/23 (after maintenance) - 2024/4/7, 07:59 (UTC)
  • Price: 168 RC (30% off)

3) Solitary Dream (Bianca: Stigmata Exclusive SFX Coating)

Duration: 2024/2/29, 08:00 - 2024/3/28, 07:59 (UTC)
  • Acquisition: Participate in the Solitary Dream special coating research event to obtain the coating, check below for more event information.

4) Agent Peacock (Liv: Eclipse Exclusive Coating)

Duration: 2024/3/8, 07:00 - 2024/4/5, 06:59 (UTC)
  • Acquisition: Participate in the Anchor Realm game mode to obtain the coating as an event reward.

5. New Weapon Coatings

1) Cobalt Soul (Daisho Weapon Coating)

Duration: 2024/2/23 (after maintenance) - 2024/4/7, 07:59 (UTC)
  • Price: 28 RC (30% off)

2) Rabbit Fire (Blast Hammer Weapon Coating)

Duration: 2024/2/23 (after maintenance) - 2024/4/7, 07:59 (UTC)
  • Price: 28 RC (30% off)

3) World Drifter (Dagger Weapon Coating)

Duration: 2024/2/23 (after maintenance) - 2024/4/8, 01:59 (UTC)
  • Acquisition: Purchase [Top-secret Intel] in [Tactical Assessment Manual] to unlock coating access. Achieve rating level 40 to claim the coating.

6. Solitary Dream Special Coating Research

Duration: 2024/2/29, 08:00 - 2024/3/28, 07:59 (UTC)
  • In this coating research event, you may redeem event token [Snowy Blossom] with Black Cards or Rainbow Cards, and consume Snowy Blossoms to draw for various rewards, including the SFX coating Solitary Dream for Bianca: Stigmata and the special lobby scene [Lost in Whitebloom].
Reward Preview

Core Layer Reward: Lobby Scene [Lost in Whitebloom] * 1 (Featuring real-time clock and exclusive BGM. The BGM will also be available in the CD Player once unlocked.)

Milestone Reward: Upon reaching certain numbers of research, extra rewards will be granted.

  • 50 times: Swordstaff weapon coating [Snow Oath]
  • 70 times: Player portrait [Solitary Dream]
  • 90 times: Portrait frame [Solitary Dream]

Upon obtaining the coating [Solitary Dream], the following content will also be unlocked:

  • ① New animations and voice lines for battle entrance and ending.
  • ② When both the coating [Solitary Dream] and lobby scene [Lost in Whitebloom] are obtained, new lobby poses [Display Pose 4] and [Connection Made 2] will be unlocked, providing new voice lines and special lobby interactions.
  • ③ Sight line tracking feature in lobby and [Interact] interface.
  • ④ New Ultima Ring appearance.
  • ⑤ New idle animation in battle.

For information on item drop rates and other detailed rules, please refer to the event page.


Wintry Shackles

Duration: 2024/2/23 (after maintenance) - 2024/4/8, 01:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥40
  • Form a temporary alliance with a certain old enemy to investigate Fort Winter where the first Construct experiments were conducted. The dark history below and conspiracy beyond await your discovery.


1. Joyous Wrappings

Duration: 2024/2/23 (after maintenance) - 2024/3/8, 06:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥52
  • Joyous Wrappings returns in new season [Moon-flavored Fillings]. Compete with 2 other fellow commandants in a test on your sight and reaction speed. Smash the buttons following the instructions on screen and achieve high combos to make your sweet dumplings.
  • Finish event tasks and game sessions to raise your Grade and obtain rewards including an exclusive collectible [A Bowl of Reunion].

2. Sinister Craft

Duration: 2024/2/23 (after maintenance) - 2024/3/12, 06:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥40
  • Face the latest Boss Lilith in this challenge mode. The Boss will become more powerful and gain access to extra skills along the five stages of progressive difficulties.
  • Complete event missions to obtain various rewards including a limited collectible [Lilith's Data Sample].

3. Abyssal Unbounded

Duration: 2024/2/23 (after maintenance) - 2024/3/23, 07:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Clear Normal Story 2-4
  • Abyssal Unbounded is the new trial stage of Lucia: Crimson Weave to help familiarize yourself with the new character. Learn the basic maneuvers and mechanics of Crimson Weave in the tutorial stages and fight through the challenge stages to deepen your mastery of her skills.

4. Corrupted Battlefront

Duration: 2024/2/23 (after maintenance) - 2024/3/26, 06:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥40
  • The top-down shooter game mode returns with more stage types and a more interesting skill tree experience. Engage in battles against hordes of incoming Corrupted and finish event tasks to obtain abundant rewards including exclusive collectible [Final Messages] and chat stamp [???].

5. Cooking Lulu

Duration: 2024/2/23 (after maintenance) - 2024/3/26, 06:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥40
  • Lucia is up for a new restaurant in Babylonia! Except she is not the one doing the cooking. Enjoy the fun of running a restaurant in this new simulation game mode. Assign staff to different sections of the service flow according to their specialties to achieve optimal performance.
  • Earn event token [Froggy's Fortunes] and consume them in the event shop to redeem various rewards including the exclusive chat stamp [Chef Lu].

6. Guild Expedition

Duration: 2024/2/23 (after maintenance) - 2024/4/5, 06:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Command Bureau joined and Normal Story 4-5 cleared.
  • Guild Expedition is making a return. Work together to push forward and defeat overwhelming enemies with all Command Bureau members. Finish event missions and challenges to obtain event tokens [Expedition Loot III], and redeem various rewards in the event shop [Voyage Shop III].
  • Special Note:
    • 1.Event token [Expedition Loot III] will be reset to 0 at the end of the event, please consume them before the event ends.
    • 2.Commandants who join a Command Bureau after a session of expedition has begun may still participate in the current session, given no Expedition Supplies have been consumed before.

7. Overwinter

Duration: 2024/2/23 (after maintenance) - 2024/4/7, 06:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥40
  • Clear the Overwinter stages repeatedly to obtain memories and event tokens [Fallen Feather] that can be used to exchange for rewards in the event shop [Underground Supply Depot].

8. Event Shop - Underground Supply Depot

Duration: 2024/2/23 (after maintenance) - 2024/4/8, 01:59 (UTC)
  • Use the event token [Fallen Feather] to redeem rewards at Underground Supply Depot.
  • New 6★ Memory set: Diesel.
  • Limited items: Frog Accessory (Lucia's favorite gift), 5★ Memory set Luna: Fullmoon Laurel.
  • Other materials include partial 6★ Memory sets, basic training and enhancing materials, CUB training materials, and 6★ Memory Shards.

9. Wonderful Spring Gift

Duration: 2024/2/23 (after maintenance) - 2024/4/8, 01:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥40
  • During the event period, 5 rounds of missions will be unlocked one by one under a 7-day interval. Finish the missions to obtain abundant milestone rewards:
Mission Rewards
S-Rank Omniframe Choice Pack Note

10. Cursed Waves: Crimson Tides

Duration: 2024/2/23 (after maintenance) - Permanent
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥70
  • New system and new endings have been added to the roguelite game mode. After finishing any ending in the mode, the [Insight Awakened] event may appear in new game sessions to unlock the [Crimson Insights] system, granting new story branches, [Journal of Reversing Tides] tasks, and abundant new rewards.
  • The upper level of [Curse Queller's Path] has also been lifted from 90 to 120.
  • As the major update on the mode is introduced, unfinished game sessions will be closed after the version update. Please be advised.

11. Arcade Anima - Nanami

Duration: 2024/2/23 (after maintenance) - Permanent
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥40
  • New chapter has been added to Arcade Anima game mode. This time you shall witness the untold stories of Nanami and pass new special challenges along the way.
  • Finish the special stages to obtain various rewards including new player portrait, chat stamp, and display pose.

12. The Night Train on Reunion

Duration: 2024/2/24, 07:00 (UTC) - Permanent
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥40
  • Hop onto a mysterious train in Babylonia and take on a journey reviewing the past year of struggle and hope.

13. Lost in Whitebloom

Duration: 2024/2/29, 08:00 - 2024/3/28, 07:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥40
  • Support Bianca through her toughest hours haunted by the shadows of her past, and discover the story behind her gorgeous coating Solitary Dream.

14. Ultimate Brawl - Deadlocked

Duration: 2024/3/1, 07:00 - 2024/3/19, 06:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥52
  • Ultimate Brawl returns with more intense one-on-one battles! Select the characters you play as and the enemies you play against, and engage in 3 consecutive one-on-one battles! Defeat your opponents to finish event tasks and obtain rewards including an exclusive chat stamp [Storm].

15. Anchor Realm

Duration: 2024/3/8, 07:00 - 2024/4/5, 06:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥40
  • Anchor Realm is a new major co-op challenge game mode featuring colossal enemies, new battle mechanics, and new character move sets. Team up with fellow commandants to defeat unprecedented enemies and win abundant rewards including coating [Agent Peacock] for Liv: Eclipse, nameplate [Hornbreaker], [Light Off], [Back to Back], and more.

16. White Wishes

Duration: 2024/3/14, 07:00 (UTC) - Permanent
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥40
  • Spend the White Day with your precious Gray Ravens and enjoy a hard-earned festival in the Conservation Area! Whose hand will you take on this special day?

17. Love Letters

Duration: 2024/3/14, 07:00 - 2024/3/24, 06:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥40
  • Exchange gifts to express your true feelings and create beautiful memories on this special day. During the event, you can get special gift item [Radiant Comradery] from event mail, event shop, or by buying the Purchase Supply Pack. Gifting them to your dearest Constructs On the [Interact - Gifts] interface will trigger White Day Comms and receive gift mails from the corresponding members.
  • Note that each character's White Day Comm can only be triggered once. For example, sending a special gift to Liv: Lux after sending one to Liv: Eclipse will not trigger a Comm again.


1. New Features & System Optimizations

1. Added new Oracle Explanations for the Fortune Machine in Command Bureau.
2. Added new items for sale in [Shop - Bureau Shop - Music Box CD].
3. Added new bosses [Iron Maiden: Phantom] and [Mutated Mechanoid: Madorea] to the [Ultimate Zone - Group β] of Phantom Pain Cage game mode.
4. Optimized the textual description of the Affix of Phantom Pain Cage boss Hamlet. The change involves textual elements only.
5. Optimized the Auto Play feature of stories. Added adjustable play speed.

2. Character Optimization

1. Optimized partial voice lines of Lucia: Plume and Lucia: Crimson Abyss.
2. Optimized the shoulder modeling of SFX coating [Fiery Moon]. Also adjusted Luna: Laurel's floating height when equipped with the coating.
3. Optimized the visual effects of Vera: Garnet's Victorious War Flag when deployed under Time Lag Calculation effect.
4. Optimized Selena: Capriccio's Putonghua voice line for battle-ending animation.
5. Fixed the issue where the first hit damage of Roland: Flambeau's Signature Move can not be amplified by his SSS+ rank passive skill.
6. Fixed the issue where the Base DMG of Vera: Rozen's Signature - Dark Night's End is not properly amplified in her Leap Skill [Illusive Disruption].

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