The Floating Reverie

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Patch Summary



Gameplay Changes

  • Chapters 19, 20, and 21 have been added to Strongholds.
  • Conditions for unlocking Interludes have been changed. They can now be accessed by having corresponding characters, or by reaching certain points in the Main Story.
  • Replaying Main Story and Side Story stages no longer consumes Serum. Following this change, the Auto Clear option for these stages has been removed.
  • In all new and upcoming story chapters, trial characters in some battle stages may be replaced and played with your own characters now.


  • The [Gift Box] page has been added to the Storage interface. Various commemorative items can be stored in the [Gift Box].
  • The Lunar New Year letters have been added to the [Collectibles] section of the mailbox.
  • New Documents and missions have been added to the [Dormitory Dispatch Missions] mode. In addition, the maximum no. of [Dispatch Certificates] you can hold at once has been increased.

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