This guide is divided into the comprehensive guide, an infographic FAQ, and frequently asked questions. The guide contains details on game progression while the infographic/FAQ has questions that people tend to ask!

Game Progression

PGR's level progression can be roughly divided into three sections: the early game (Levels 1-39), the mid game (Levels 40-79) and the end game (Levels 80+). Check out the FAQ section for additional info.

Level 1 - 39

Blasting Through the Story Mode

Players should focus on clearing story stages and reaching Level 35 to unlock weekly content such as Operation Guardians, War Zone, and Phantom Pain Cage. This will allow players to have a reliable source of Black Cards used for pulling on characters.

(Side note: the story is pretty enjoyable to read! That said, players can skip it as cutscenes can be rewatched in the Codex)

The following are checkpoints to unlocking more content:

  • Clear Stage 1-8 (Normal) to unlock Novice Missions. These missions will provide new players with Black Cards, an exclusive coating for Nanami: Storm, Gray Feathers, and her 5★ Weapon, Lightning Spark
  • At Levels 30, 40, 61, and 70 the player will unlock more combat tutorials and techniques that provide a small set of rewards when completed.

Beginner Missions will also be available to players at this time. These missions include both Story and Level checkpoints and feature numerous rewards such as 6★ Weapon Choice Pack and S-Rank Omniframe Choice Pack. Check the Limited Missions section for more info!

Team Building

Focus on leveling one team only. The order of priority goes Main DPS (usually Attacker) > Sub-DPS (usually Tank) > Support/Amplifier (some exceptions such as Ayla: Kaleido being the main DPS over Lucia: Plume and Chrome: Glory). Support Characters/Omniframes can be 10-15 levels below the Main and Sub-DPS. For units that are off-field for most of the time, players can level only the Class Skill and QTE to save on materials.

Recommended teams to start with include Dark and Ice team. For the Dark team, Selena: Capriccio is an S-Rank that is acquirable for free while Watanabe: Astral / No.21: XXI are A-Rank Omniframes that can be obtained for free. Kamui: Tenebrion can replace No.21 if chosen from the selector. For the Ice team, Ayla: Kaleido is an S-Rank that can be obtained for free. Bambinata: Vitrum and Ayla: Brilliance are A-Ranks that can also be obtained for free to complete the budget Ice team.

The player's most built team will be used for War Zone (WZ) and the higher levels of Phantom Pain Cage (PPC) until the player has enough material to start building a new team.

New players will also receive a S-Rank Omniframe Selector, which can accepted from the mailbox. However, it is recommended to not use it until the player hits the 40-pity on the basic banner. This will help avoid duplicates and help create a stronger starting team.

Joining a Guild

Joining a Guild will allow players to participate in Simulated Siege, a game mode consisting of three stages that rewards United Achievement Points when done. This currency can be used to buy Hypertune materials and Uniframe Shards from the Guild Shop. Joining a guild will also provide the ability to use Guild Members' Support Characters in Norman Revival Plan, a game mode unlocked at Level 60.

Level 40 - 79

Prioritizing Event Stages

At Level 40, players will unlock the ability to farm the Event Stages and obtain the relevant currency. Event Farming Stages are much more efficient than Resource Stages. It is recommended to only farm from the event rather than the resource stages. By playing the Event Farming stages (currency only stage), players are able to buy a plethora of materials, including, but not limited to, 6★ memories, Overclocking materials, and Equipment Enhancers.

There is usually one to two days of downtime between events in which the Event Farming Stage is closed. Use this time to progress the story and other game modes that cost Serum, like Stronghold and Golden Vortex. Do note that story missions from Ayla: Kaleido and onward (as well as Fake Ascension's alternative mode) do not require Serum.

Co-op Weapon Farming

For Free to Play players, it is recommended to farm for weapons from the Co-op mission, which will provide 5★ weapons at a low drop rate as well as 5★ weapon shards. These 5★ weapons should provide a sizeable boost to ATK and CRIT, as well as certain buffs.

Building the Right Memories

Players should start working towards their characters' recommended endgame 6★ Memory Sets by farming in the Event Farming Stage. Lower-ranked (5★ and lower) memories can be used as placeholders, but should not be heavily invested in. Players can put minimal investment needed to progress through content until they have the needed 6★ Memory Sets.

5★ Memories to keep include the limited event-exclusive Memories as well as a 2-piece set of Richelieu, Samantha, Gloria, Voltaire, and Lantern Festival: Reunion each. They stack with their 6★ counterparts and Lantern Festival is a very powerful buff that can be used situationally. 5★ should be prioritized for Grid slots 1-3, as 6★ Memories have a significantly higher max ATK value and are usually placed in Grid 4-6.

Camu: Crocotta and Uniframes

At Level 52, players will unlock Camu: Crocotta, a Uniframe. Uniframes are a special type of frame designed for speed attacks, parrying, and finishers. They are meant to be used alongside other Uniframes and serve as a strong alternative team.

Norman Revival Plan and CUBs

Players will first unlock Norman Revival Plan, or Norman for short, at Level 60. Players will then be able to choose the Up-to-Standard difficulty (for players under Level 85), allowing players to start obtaining more Materials, Black Cards, and Tantalum ore. Check out the Norman Revival Plan page for more detail.

At Level 61, players will also unlock the CUB system, a system that allows characters to summon pets, each with their own set of buffs and active skills. Yuan Ye will be given to the player for free, a valuable A-Rank CUB that can stun enemies. CUBs can be obtained and evolved using Tantalum Ore obtained from Norman.

Level 80+

Graduating from F.O.S Instructor Mentorship

At Level 80, players stop obtaining weekly missions from the mentorship program, excluding already claimed missions for the week. Players can still participate in the qualification assessment missions. The player can choose to graduate by themselves or stay with their instructors, at which they will auto-graduate at Level 83. It is recommended to stick with the program until auto-graduation in order to finish qualification assessment missions. Try to complete as much as possible before graduating!

Awakening and Building Other Teams

At the endgame, players can start working towards Ultima Awakening their favorite and strongest characters. Players that have finished building one team can move on to building the other teams. Note that Da Vinci sets can be shared, alleviating the resource cost of building another team. It's recommended to build the main DPS of each element's team if possible.

Check out the Ultima Awakening section below for more info!

Limited Missions

Novice Mission

Players first unlock Novice Missions after clearing 1-8 Normal, providing them with a list of missions separated into 7 days. These missions are permanently available and provide the players with a handful of Black Cards, some materials, and an exclusive coating for Nanami: Storm, Gray Feathers.

Beginner Missions

Players also have access to a number of beginner missions added during Bianca: Stigmata's patch, Across the Ruined Sea. These missions

F.O.S Rating Committee

F.O.S Rating Committee is the new revamped tutorial for players who wish to learn more about the combat mechanics of Punishing: Gray Raven! There are two tracks for it: the General Course, which teaches the corresponding mechanic, and Battle License, which tests your combat understanding. General Courses provide up to 50 Achievement Points upon completion, which are used to unlock the Battle License Exams. Due to their level unlock conditions, these courses are geared towards teaching different mechanics at different points of the game, and is to be used in conjunction with other in-game content.

General Course
Class Name Unlock Requirement Description Rewards
C1 Basic Controls Course Unlocked by Default Elementary Course - Includes comprehensive basic controls tutorials.
C2 Basic Techniques Course Unlocks at Commandant Lv.30 Elementary Course - Includes basic combat techniques that can solidify your foundation.
B1 Coordination Skill Subject Unlocks at Commandant Lv.40 Intermediate Course - Includes further coordination combat techniques that will help you take on battles at an even higher difficulty level.
B2 Uniframe Combat Subject Unlocks at Commandant Lv.52 Intermediate Course - Includes basic Uniframe combat tutorials that can get you into the swing of our new mode.
A1 Advanced Coordination Subject Unlocks at Commandant Lv.61 Advanced Course - Includes advanced coordination combat skills that can maximize Constructs' strength in battle.
A2 Advanced Skill Subject Unlocks at Commandant Lv.70 Advanced Course - Includes special combat skills for overcoming arduous battles.
License Exam
Exam Name Joining Requirements Exam Subject Rewards
TC-B License Upgrade Exam Total Achievement Points reached 80 Direct Confrontation

Priority Target
Heavy Blade

Elite Forces nameplate

TC-A License Upgrade Exam Total Achievement Points reached 180

Courses Completed: TC-B License Upgrade Exam

Dynamic Rhythm

Gentle Interruption
Elite Twins

Special Forces nameplate

TC-S License Upgrade Exam Total Achievement Points reached 280

Courses Completed: TC-B License Upgrade Exam

Flower and Flame

Lethal Combo
Gravity Switch

Warfare Expert nameplate

TC-X License Upgrade Exam Total Achievement Points reached 300

Courses Completed: TC-S License Upgrade Exam

Don't Underestimate Your Enemy

Sad Beast
Head-On Clash

F.O.S Star nameplate

Misc. Guide

Banners and Pulling

Please watch the ULTIMATE Guide to Banners in PGR, made by Gray Raven Radio!

PGR features numerous banners and can become confusing on which to pull. The table below goes into detail what the drop rates are as well as whether the banner is recommended or not.

Construct Banners
Banner Name S-Rank Drop Rate Pull Rate in Pool Pity Description
Themed Event Construct
0.50% (1.90% including guaranteed) 100% 60 This is the banner for debut characters and the banner most players will be pulling from due to its 100% target rate and 60 pull pity. The 60 pity means that Free to Play players can afford most characters on debut with enough planning ahead.
Fate Themed Event Construct 1.50% (1.90% including guaranteed) 100% ~80 to 100 This is the banner for debut characters. It features a higher base rate but much higher pity, resulting in roughly the same rate %. As such, this banner is not recommended as it can potentially ruin players' BC planning if the floating pity is close towards 100.
Arrival Construct 0.50% (1.90% including guaranteed) 70% for target 60 This banner features 2-3 predetermined target characters from previous patches and has a 70% target rate. The 30% off-rate will be any other S-Rank Omniframe in the game, excluding Collab characters. If the players gets an off-rate character, the next S-Rank will be guaranteed as the selected character. This banner is only recommended for spenders who want an older unit, and doesn't want to wait for the Anniversary or Wishing Banner.
Fate Arrival Construct 1.50% (1.90% including guaranteed) 70% for target ~80 to 100 This banner is similar to the Arrival Construct Banner, but with both an increased base rate and a higher pity amount. Because of both the 70% target rate and higher pity, it is never recommended to pull on this banner.
Wishing Target
0.50% (1.90% including guaranteed) 100% for target 60 This banner has a 100% rate for any S-Rank Omniframe up to a certain patch depending on which patch it gets released in. This banner allows any player to obtain old characters without risking or waiting for it in the Arrival Construct Banners, and is recommended for those who want to complete their roster! However, do note that players can only select one character as the target, and it can not be changed afterwards.
Fate Wishing Target 1.50% (1.90% including guaranteed) 100% for target ~80 to 100 This banner features a 100% rate for any S-Rank Omniframe up to a certain patch depending on which patch it gets released in. The target for this banner is not shared with the 60 pity version, meaning players can target two different characters by using both banners. However, due to its floating pity, it's not recommended to pull on this banner.
0.50% (1.90% including guaranteed) 100% for target 60 The banner featuring a 100% rate for any S-Rank Omniframe up to a certain patch depending on which patch it gets released in. Unlike the Wishing Banner, the Anniversary Banner allows players to target any number of units. This banner allows any player to obtain old characters without risking or waiting for it in the Arrival Construct Banners, and is recommended for those who want to complete their roster.
Fate Anniversary Limited 1.50% (1.90% including guaranteed) 100% for target ~80 to 100 The banner featuring a 100% rate for any S-Rank Omniframe up to a certain patch depending on which patch it gets released in. Because the 60-pity one allows for multiple targets, it's not recommended to pull on this banner.
Member Target 0.50% (1.90% including guaranteed) for S-Ranks / 13.95% for A-Ranks 80% for target A-Rank (100% on debut) 60 for S-Rank, 10 for A-Rank The banner is special in that it uses Basic Construct R&D Ticket instead of Event Construct R&D Ticket. Players are able to obtain these tickets for free by participating in Operation Guardian, logging in, as well as occasionally event missions. It is recommended to save these tickets until an A-Rank debuts in order to have a 100% target rate rather than 80%. An exception is if the player is missing A-Rank Omniframes. Players should not use Black Cards to pull from this banner. S-Ranks are pulled from the pool of all currently available Omniframes, excluding Collab characters. The first pity for an S-Rank is 40 instead of the usual 60.
Target Uniframe 5.00% (12.45% including guaranteed) 80% for target (100% on debut) 10 The banner features only Uniframes and materials, and is the only banner you can get Uniframes from. It has a much higher drop rate and lower pity amount, but due to the restrictions placed on Uniframes, it is only recommended if the player can afford it and/or enjoys the character. Otherwise, this banner can be skipped.
Equipment Banners
Banner Name Signature Pull Rate Rates in Pool Pity Description
Target Weapon Research 5.00% for 6★ / 15.00% for 5★ 80% 30 The banner for target weapons. The rate for target is 4.00% / 12.00% while the two off-rate are 0.50% / 1.50% each. Because there is no guarantee for weapons, players might hit the off-rate multiple times in a row. Off-rate signature weapons can be used for resonance. While not recommended, players can also recycle 3 signature weapons to obtain enough shards to obtain any signature weapon of their choice. The banner is only recommended for spenders, as Free to Play players should save BC to spend on the debut character banners instead.
Weapon Research 5.00% for 6★ / 15.00% for 5★ No target 30 Banner that gives random weapons, excluding collab weapons. The banner uses Basic Weapon R&D Ticket instead, which can be obtained for free every 4 weeks (250 from logging in). It is recommended to only use the free tickets obtained from login rewards.
CUB Target 5.82% for S-Rank (8.33% including guaranteed) / 14.14% for A-Rank 80% (100% for debut) 20 Banner that specializes in only CUBs. Because CUB R&D Ticket can be obtained in Norman Revival Plan, Free to Play players can save up enough tickets to guarantee an S-Rank CUB with enough patience. Spending BC on the banner is only recommended for spenders.

If a player does not reach pity before the banner expires, the pity will roll over to the next banner of the same name. This means that the Themed Event Construct pity will roll over to the next Themed Event Construct Banner. Fate banners are separate from the 60-pull pity banner. Note that due to the limited nature of Wishing, Anniversary, and Collab banners, it is recommended to have enough BC to guarantee a unit before rolling on those banners.

Memories, Resonance, Ultima Awakening, and Infinitas

Please watch the ULTIMATE Guide to Memories in PGR made by Gray Raven Radio!

Memories are a core part of constructs' equipment, providing a huge boost to character stats as well as set bonuses that can either affect the team or the individual construct. Memories are also tied directly with obtaining Ultima Awakenings as well as Infinitas. To understand memories better, we've divided memory discussion into sections!

How do I choose a memory?

PGR's memory selection depends heavily on the character. Certain characters have a memory set that exclusively buffs them, while others do not have one and instead use a memory set that provides a useful effect (such as Plume using 4-pc Hanna). We recommend checking out the character's page from the Character List for more details on the specific character.

Sets can have a 2-pc bonus, a 4-pc bonus, and even a 6-pc bonus (usually reserved for Uniframe memories). These bonuses make or break the set for characters as they usually serve only one purpose. In global, each character can equip 6 memories. This allows each character to either equip a 4-pc set and a 2-pc set if they are an Omniframe, or a 6-pc set if they are a Uniframe.

General tips include only upgrading 6★ Memories, saving Event Memories, and equipping the right memory for the character. Players that are starting out should grind the Event Farming Stage to buy memories. 5★ Memories should have only minimal investment to help with clearing content, with a situational exception for Gloria, Voltaire, and Lantern Festival: Reunion.

Does memory placement matter?

Memories are currently split into 6 slots, labeled 1 to 6 accordingly. 1 / 2 / 3 is referred to as the Top Row while 4 / 5 / 6 are referred to as the Bottom Row.

Memories placements matter between Top and Bottom Row placement in terms of stats given. Each grid/slot in the same row provide the same stats.

Row Stats
Bottom ATK / DEF

1 / 2 / 3 are interchangeable with one another in the same row. The same goes for 4 / 5 / 6.

Each slot in their respective row gives the same stats for the same memory. For example, Darwin on slot 1 will give the same stats as Darwin on slot 2. However, because memories differ in stats, certain memories provide more ATK than others in the bottom row, making it more optimal to place in the bottom. Memory placement optimizes for the most possible ATK within the set configuration. However, due to the min-max nature of memory placement, memory placement only matters when chasing the highest possible DMG (and subsequently the best DMG output for timed content). For casual use, it's recommended to keep any already built memories, even if they are not in the right row, as the difference is only about 10 ATK.

One thing to note is if the unit has multiple builds, such as Chrome: Glory and Nanami: Starfarer, both of which has a main damage build and a Da Vinci team-buff build when paired. It's good to plan out your memory sets, especially shared ones, to accommodate for sets.

Can I reuse memories on other characters?

Yes. Players commonly share Da Vinci sets between Support characters, as most support characters do not need Ultima Awakening.

Do note that Resonances and Hypertunes are tied to the specific character resonated to, and do not carry over to the other characters.

What is Resonance and Hypertune?

Resonance is a memory-specific upgrade that provides a boost to the character it is resonated to. Resonances are tied to the specific character they are resonated with. While players can reuse the memory on other characters, they will not provide any resonance and hypertune bonuses.

Resonances are indicated by the upwards arrow/chevron on the top-right, with each one indicating one resonance. Hypertunes are indicated by slightly more saturated and lighter blue on the same arrow, which can be seen in the example image's bottom row.

Resonances are linked to specific characters and can not be shared. To resonate, a player must click on a memory->train->resonance. The player can resonate using a duplicate of the memory (slot does not matter), which will provide the player a random resonance from a pool depending on the row. They may also choose to use a 6★ Memory Resonance Material Pick (aka Memory USBs) in order to select which resonance they want.

More details can be found in the Memory Resonance page.

Hypertune is a further upgrade to a memory's stat, increasing either HP/CRIT if it's in the top row or ATK/DEF if it's in the bottom row. To hypertune, the player must first resonate the memory to a character. Then, the player must collect enough Hypertune Crystal Alpha and Hypertune Crystal Beta in order to hypertune. Despite needing a resonance to hypertune, hypertunes will remain even when resonating the memory again, allowing players to resonate a memory set to another character without needing to spend additional materials for hypertune again.

What is Ultima Awakening?

Ultima Awakening is a buff obtained by satisfying all 3 conditions:

  • Member Lv. 65
  • Member reaches 5000 BP
  • Equip 6★ Resonance Skills * 12

Characters that are Ultima Awakened are given an additional random set of 3-ping during the start of battle. This set of 3-ping orbs allows players to clear timed content quicker. They can also be used to set up certain conditions for characters, such as Nanami: Starfarer's blue orb and Lee: Hyperreal's core passive bar. Outside of gameplay, the player also obtains a special icon of the character that can used as both the new portrait for the character as well as the user's profile picture. Character that have been Ultima Awakened will gain a cosmetic band, usually around their arm (Exception include No.21 who has it around her leg instead).

The first two conditions are easily satisfied by leveling normally. Upgrading all the memories will allow a reasonably invested character to reach 5000 BP.

The third condition is to fully resonate 12 6★ equipments, including memory and weapon, for a specific character. To fully resonate all the memories, the player needs any combination of Duplicate Memories / Memory Resonance Picks and/or 6★ Weapon Resonance Material totaling to 12. This can be difficult for new players, and because it only affects the start of the battle, it is recommended to work towards building shared sets/finish the rest of the team before Ultima Awakening.

What is Infinitas and Hypertune bonus?

In Ayla: Kaleido's patch, PGR has added a new awakening: Infinitas. Infinitas allows the player to choose the starting 3-ping from Ultima Awakening, heavily benefiting units that require a certain color (eg. Nanami: Starfarer Blue Orb).

To obtain Infinitas, players must fully hypertune the character, which is a significant investment and should be considered only for characters that need it.

Once the player obtains Infinitas, they can assign certain units to guard nodes in Sequence Pact, providing an Extra DMG bonus to the character. Do note that the character must unlock Infinitas before being able to be assigned to a node. Each hypertune equipped will then provide 1% Extra DMG Bonus, for a total of 12%.

Important Memory Mechanics
Resistance Shred Basics

Shredding enemies' resistances is an important part of maximizing damage output. Besides Tank characters' Class Passive, the resistance-lowering Memories are a vital part of each team's build.

Gloria lowers all Resistances regardless of her user's damage type while Einsteina only lowers the corresponding elemental resistance of the damage type dealt.

It is important to take note of the damage type of the Einsteina's user, especially on QTE. Einsteina does not lower Resistances if her user inflicts Physical damage on QTE, even if their kit contains Elemental damage, like Karenina: Blast ( Fire). Einsteina will also not trigger on QTE that do not do damage, even if the character corresponds to the right element type. Please check which type of damage a Character inflicts on QTE before equipping them with Einsteina. If the damage type is mixed ( Physical / Elemental) then Einsteina will lower the corresponding Resistance once the elemental portion of the attack hits its target.

Certain resistances can also be reduced through the use of element-related memories such as Chen Jiyuan and Shakespeare. These resistance shred effects are found on their 4-PC set, and can be activated with any damage type. However, prior to Qu: Shukra's patch, Polaris Bond, these memories only have a certain % chance of activating its effect. This % chance is determined per hit, meaning characters with many hits during the QTE have a higher probability of applying it. Examples of characters with a high number of hits in QTE are:

After Polaris Bond, these memories get reworked to have always apply the resistance shred effect.

Da Vinci ATK Bonus and Additional QTE

Da Vinci's 4-PC set bonus is vital for bursting down targets and is extremely important in maximizing damage output. In global the current 4-PC description is this:

When QTE is triggered, triggers another character's QTE. 8s cooldown. If there are 3 characters on the field, ATK is increased by 20%.

Because Da Vinci's QTE trigger is separate from the other character's trigger, it is possible to do:

QTE Off-Field without Da Vinci -> (timing) -> QTE Off-Field with Da Vinci -> QTE Off-Field without Da Vinci again

This allows you to get extra damage as well as extra duration on buffs/debuffs from the additional QTE activation.

The ATK bonus in Da Vinci's 4-PC is also extremely vital, creating a burst window that allows your character to do the maximum damage output possible. However, there are nuances in how it's used prior to the Polaris Bond patch. The ATK bonus from Da Vinci's 4-PC set bonus only lasts for however long all 3 characters are on-field, disappearing once the condition is no longer satisfied. This applies even in Time Lag Calculation, meaning Da Vinci should be timed on the DMG burst portion of Time Lag Calculation signatures, and likewise for other signatures. This burst window is dependent on how long the character stays on-field for QTE. For example, Lucia: Lotus is regarded as a good QTE unit despite being an attacker due to both her long on-field time and multiple hits. Similarly, Lucia: Dawn and Ayla: Brilliance are great QTE units due to their multiple hits and on-field time.

After Qu: Shukra's patch, Polaris Bond, Da Vinci gets reworked to have a duration of 2 seconds, allowing signature moves with Time Lag Calculation to freeze the buff for its entire animation.

Guinevere/Philip II 4-PC Bonus

Both Guinevere and Philip II summon a healing drone under certain conditions:

A healing drone will be charged when healing is performed. When fully charged, the next time you performing healing will consume all charged energy to summon the healing drone. It will follow an ally with the lowest HP percentage, healing allies in a 5m radius for 2% maximum HP per second and increasing their Physical/Elemental ATK by 15% for 5s. 12s cooldown.

This healing drone can be summoned with only one QTE if the character heals 5 entities with their QTE. This includes your characters, but also notably includes other game entities like clones (like in Lee: Hyperreal's case, No.21: XXI's Twilight Matrices and Co-Bot, etc). Each tick of healing counts as a separate case, meaning units like Liv: Empyrea, Liv: Lux, and Vera: Rozen can accumulate multiple counts towards the healing drone.

Characters that are able to summon in one QTE are:

(Untested: Hanying and Teddy)

This allows the main DPS to be able to use the extra increase in ATK much more effectively, utilizing only one QTE to activate.

During Time Lag Calculation, the healing drone's 5 second duration and 12 second cooldown are not frozen. However, the drone's buff will persist until the end of that time lag calculation even if the drone disappears midway through, as long as the drone is active when time lag calculation activates.

Team Comps and Roles

Why are team comps important?

Team compositions are important in PGR, as they can either make or break a team. Mono-element teams are favored over multi-element teams due to how PGR handles buffs and resistance shred. Within each team, the team roles are usually separated into 1 Attacker, 1 Support/Amplifier, and 1 Tank. The attacker is usually the main DPS while the support/amplifier helps buff the team through QTE and off-field effects. Tanks serve as a sub-DPS, with a couple of exceptions depending on investment, while also providing resistance shred against enemies.

Leader and Starter

Leader and Starter choice is important in maximizing DMG output and for setting up buffs. The leader skill applies a buff to all characters in the team, making it important to choose the ones that give the most benefit. This usually means choosing the leader skill that provides a boost to Elemental DMG and ATK. The Starter of the team usually involves the unit that provides either an important on-field buff/debuff (eg. Nanami: Starfarer) or a unit with a gapcloser (eg. Chrome: Glory) to close the distance for timed events. The Starter is usually rotated out early once they've applied their buff/debuff.

Recommendations can be found in Team Compositons.

What should I level/invest in as a new player?

During the early game, it is recommended to mainly focus on one team first. This allows the player to clear harder content and progress smoothly. The DPS unit should be the focus when leveling up units in the early game, with slight investment to the sub-DPS. Tanks should level their Class Skill to the max, as this benefits during both on-field and off-field. Supports can have minimal investment by only putting points into QTE and Class Skill.

Understanding Meta

What is "Meta"?

Meta is a generally agreed upon strategy within games, and PGR is no exception to meta-gaming. While the game's content can be cleared with any character, leaderboards in Phantom Pain Cage (PPC) and War Zone (WZ) see frequent use of meta teams to secure the highest score possible. Players in Ultimate PPC and Hero/Leader WZ utilize both meta team comps as well as high investment in order to score within the top percentages.

Where can I find the meta teams/investment?

The amount of investment for meta purposes depends entirely on the character's viability at certain ranks. While each character can be played at base rank with no signature/CUB, certain characters benefit heavily with a bit of investment. One example is Karenina Scire. At her base S-Rank, her DMG output is nowhere near Luna's, making her mainly used to apply resistance shred. At SS3 and with her signature weapon however, Scire massively boosts her own DMG in her Core Passive, even matching the damage of SSS Luna.

Team Compositions & Investments contains both the relevant team comps and the recommended investment. This includes the meta team for that element as well as alternatives if players are missing a character.

Should I care about the meta?

While playing around the meta allows players to better clear content and aim for higher scores on the leaderboard, PGR does not require the use of meta gaming in order to obtain Black Cards. Black Cards (BC) instead are earned by participating in the weeklies and events rather than reaching a certain percentage in the leaderboard. This means that players are able to play with their favorite characters without missing out on the weekly BC!

Do note that while PPC and WZ gives out Black Cards on participation, Phantom Pain Scars and War Zone Influence are based on ranking, which can be used respectively to upgrade Omniframes to SS and acquire Memory Resonance USBs and Leap/Uniframe materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I start playing PGR at this point or will I be too behind?

PGR's content can be enjoyed without rolling for meta units. Whether you're here for the story, the characters, or even the gameplay, there's something for everyone, even if you're just starting!

Is rerolling worth it?

Not really. PGR gives enough currency to get a copy of most characters on debut, and most stages can be cleared with just the free units!

Where can I find the schedule of future updates?

Our PGR Roadmap/Timeline has the estimated global release dates and details for all upcoming patches in CN. Be warned though, there are spoilers!

What should I do as a new player?

The most important breakpoints are:
  • Rush to level 35 and clear Story 5-7 Normal to unlock your weeklies
  • Save your 'S-Rank Omniframe Selector (found in mail or inventory) until you’ve finished the 40 pity Basic Omniframe Banner
  • Join a guild to access Simulated Siege and Guild Expedition
  • Find a mentor/instructor in the Mentorship System
  • Reach level 40 and farm for materials in the Event Farming stages

What are my weeklies?

Operation Guardians: Every week


War Zone (WZ): semiweekly from Mon - Wed & Thur - Sun, 7:00 - 20:00 UTC
Rewards: etc.

Phantom Pain Cage (PPC): Every week
Rewards: etc.

Simulated Siege: Every week

Mentorship System: Every week

Norman Revival Plan: Every two weeks


What should I do daily?

You should do the following daily if possible:
  • Daily mission tab
  • Claim Guild Fortune/Oracle
  • Commissions & Dorm Missions
  • Tactical Assessment Manual (Battlepass)
  • Daily A-Rank Omniframe shard from shop and Coating Blueprint from dorm shop
  • Claim free serum from top-up and monthly pass rewards from mail

What are the currencies?

Rainbow Cards: The premium currency only obtainable with money. Used to buy packs, passes, coatings, and Black Cards

Black Cards (BC for short): The default currency that can be used to convert to any of the tickets at a 1:1 ratio

Basic Omniframe R&D Tickets: Used to pull target A-Ranks and random S-Ranks

Basic Weapon R&D Tickets: Used to pull random 5* and 6* weapons

Target Weapon R&D Tickets: Used to pull target 5* and 6* weapons

Event Construct R&D Tickets: Used to pull target Uniframes and S-Rank Omniframes

CUB R&D Tickets: Used to pull for A-Rank and S-Rank CUBs

How much currency do I get?

Basic Omniframe R&D Tickets: 180 per week and 250 every 4 weeks

Basic Weapon R&D Tickets: 250 every 4 weeks

CUB R&D Tickets: 170/210/250 per Norman depending on difficulty

Black Card: 1210 per week, 500 per patch, ~300 per story chapter, 150/180/400 per Norman

Plus some extra tickets and Black Cards for events!

Who should I choose from my S-Rank Omniframe Selector?

S-Rank Omniframe Selector (up to Nanami: Pulse): Due to the addition of new Omniframes, the selection choice does not matter as much, especially after Watanabe: Epitaph. Feel free to choose the character based on personal enjoyment!

Recommendations for meta purposes are Nanami: Pulse or Liv: Luminance depending on your 40 pity S-Rank. The selector should be used to complement the strongest team. Do note that Luminance will eventually get replaced by Alisa: Echo (Free to obtain unit) in the near future, and Watanabe: Epitaph can be ran with two healers if needed. Kamui: Tenebrion is another choice, although struggles to hold relevance in the current meta. (credits to Doomy)

Anniversary Selector(s): Depends on your current roster, usually best to pick the main DPS of a team.

I’m a returning player, should I use my old account?

Yes. Any progress you’ve made will help!

What has the best value in the top-up store?

Here’s the BEST and WORST cash shop deals in PGR, made by Gray Raven Radio!

I’m close to graduating and I do not have many built characters, is this fine?

Yes. Do not worry if your characters’ BP seem low! The Mentorship System will let you level faster than you can upgrade. Do note that you will auto-graduate at level 83, so try your best to complete your qualification assessments!

What should I get in the War Zone shop?

2x Memory Resonance Pick (also known as Memory USBs): Costs 2000 influence (800 for first, 1200 for second) and resets monthly.

Note that the War Shop includes leap materials and it may be more viable to aim for leaps first (eg. Rosetta: Rigor, Liv: Luminance) as their leaps significantly buff them. Those who already have all leaps and can reliably stay in Hero can aim to get another Memory USB for 2000 influence.

I missed the first War Zone, can I still do the weekly?

You can still get the weekly done by entering the first or second stage of a War Zone if it’s not cleared, then failing the stage. Each attempt counts as one for the weekly.

Which banner should I pull on (as a Free to Play)?

Themed, Anniversary, and Wishing Banners: Black Cards, Event Construct R&D Tickets

These are the banners you'll mainly pull on. They have 100% rates for your target S-Rank Omniframes.

Uniframe Banners: Black Cards, Event Construct R&D Tickets

This banner is skippable if necessary as Omniframes are higher priority (due to there being not much Uniframe content).

Basic Omniframe and Weapon Banners: Basic Omniframe R&D Tickets, Basic Weapon R&D Tickets

Never use Black Cards on these banners. Spend only the free tickets you get from Operation Guardian, Login rewards, etc.

CUB Target Banner: CUB R&D Tickets

Use the free tickets from Norman only! Your Black Cards are better spent rolling for new S-Rank characters (or signature weapons if you have extra)

Does pity carry over?

Yes, but only for the same type of banner (eg. Themed carries over only to Themed). Fate banners are their own separate banner.

Should I pull for __’s signature weapon (sig) / CUB?

If you are a Free to Play player, the short answer is no. You can instead farm for 5 ★ weapons in co-op.

If you have the monthly pass then you can pull for sigs with your remaining BC. CUBs should only be considered after sigs.

The order of priority is: characters > sigs >>> CUBs

What should I do if I get a signature weapon for a character I do not own?

If it's for a meta unit, we'd recommend saving it and either pulling for the character in a Wishing/Anniversary Banner, where there are 100% rates. Duplicate and non-meta weapons can be used to resonate other 6★ weapons if needed.

Should I skip __ on their debut?

In most cases, no. If it’s a free S-Rank character (such as Alisa: Echo) or a Uniframe, then Free to Play players can skip in order to save for next patch’s debut. Check out the Should you pull? playlist by Gray Raven Radio for details on a specific character!

How many copies do I need to SSS/SSS+?

S-Rank Omniframe: 30 Inver-Shards per copy

Uniframe and A-Rank Omniframe: 18 Inver-Shards per copy

You can get a base S-Rank Omniframe/Uniframe to SS-Rank for free with PPC scars or guild points!

S to SS: 30 Inver-Shards (from PPC / Guild)
SS to SSS: 90 Inver-Shards (3 copies S-Omniframe, 5 copies Uniframe)

SSS to SSS+: 180 Inver-Shards (6 copies S-Omniframe, 10 copies Uniframe)

How many Scars / Points do I need for SS?

For S-Rank Omniframes: 500 Phantom Pain Scars (aka “Skulls”)

For Uniframes: 3360 United Achievement Points

What does SS3 (and its similar terms) mean?

SS3 stands for SS and 3 nodes to SSS. There are 10 nodes between Ranks. Getting to SS3 requires pulling a character twice for S-Rank omniframes unless they are able to be obtained elsewhere (vouchers, missions, etc.).

What Memories should I use for ___?

Check out our recommended builds at grayravens.com!

Does Memory placement matter?

Yes for those who want to maximize their DMG. Memories give different stats based on whether it is on the top row or bottom row. Some Memories give more ATK than others, and vice versa. However, the difference is only about 10 ATK and it is recommended to keep any already built memories, even if they are in the wrong row.
  • HP and CRIT are on Grid 1 / 2 / 3 (interchangeable)
  • ATK and DEF are on Grid 4 / 5 / 6 (interchangeable)
Check out the ULTIMATE Guide to Memories in PGR by Gray Raven Radio for more info!

How much does it cost to max a CUB?

How much does it cost to max leap?

How much does it cost to max uniframe techniques?

I still have questions. Where can I ask them?

If you have a question that's still unanswered, feel free to ask them in the PGR Official Discord or in Daily Question Reddit Megathread!