This guide is meant to explain War Zone in general! Please check out the external resources linked for additional info.

Resource Recommendations

We recommend you check out these resources before proceeding!

  • War Zone - The main page for War Zone
  • Beginner's Guide - Useful for those who are starting out/General Info
  • Team Compositions - Team compositions for each element, especially important for those who want a high score

Scoring System


This category makes up the bulk of the points obtained from the War Zone stage. Players will naturally accumulate points from dealing damage and killing enemies. There is no maximum to this category, meaning players who wish to score high are looking to get most of their points in this category. Due to the fact that the points are based on damage dealt, there is a wide disparity in points given between higher divisions (Hero, Legend, etc.) and lower divisions, as enemies become tankier with higher fluctuation levels (which is correlated with division)

Your Health

Players also gain a small bonus for maintaining high HP at the end of the War Zone stage. Ending the stage with 100% HP nets the player a maximum of 20000 points. While not as significant as the other categories, min-maxing score requires players to maintain 100% HP. Since this score is taken into account at the end of the stage, players can easily use a healer's QTE at the last second, allowing them to end with 100% HP.

Wave Reward

Clearing waves also provide the player with a wave reward. This score is based on the number of waves cleared, with no theoretical maximum. Each wave provides 50000 points, which adds up as you kill more waves. Do note that this score only counts the waves cleared. There are no partial points if you do not kill all the enemies in a wave.

Getting High Scores in War Zone

War Zone is all about efficiently killing waves, with as little resources as possible. Players should try to optimize their resources by not over-killing waves.


Grouping Enemies

Orb/Core Passive Management

Orb Management is crucial to scoring high on War Zone. Many characters rely on orbs to deal damage or to set up their core passives. However, players also have to keep in mind not to overkill waves.

Matrix Usage

Matrix is an invaluable tool when managing orbs, allowing players to obtain a 3-ping on demand as well as freezing enemies in place. A good usage of matrix can lead players smoothly clearing a wave without depleting all their orbs. As such, matrix should be activated consistently. However, do note that matrix should not be activated whenever possible. Players should avoid triggering matrix if doing so would overkill the wave, or during a long Signature animation (which can cause the effect to expire).

Team Rotation

Team Rotation plays a huge part as well when scoring. Players do not want to sit on a character basic attacking due to running out of orbs and having swap cooldowns. This can result in a huge loss in DPS and losing buffs (especially Amplifier buffs). To read up more on team rotation, check out the Team Compositions page for more details.

Proper QTE Usage

It is important to know when is the best time to properly utilize a QTE since they can apply buffs to the player or debuffs to the enemies. The single-handedly most important QTE is the Tank's, which reduces the enemies' Extra DMG Reduction, as well as applying either DEF or Elemental Resist Shred. Since debuffs do not carry over to the next enemy, players want to try and space out QTEs or have it hit multiple waves. A common way to do the latter would be utilizing Da Vinci’s 4-PC set effect.

Da Vinci Usage

Da Vinci is a memory with a couple different usages mainly due to the 4-PC set effect triggering the other QTE available. The 2 main ways are to space out the Tank QTE to hit other waves with it or use it for damage by using both QTEs simultaneously to momentarily increase your damage by a large amount. Due to the short (dependent on QTE on-field time) ATK buff window of Da Vinci's 4-PC effect, it is highly advised to make use of it when using a high damaging skill, such as Signatures and Core Passives.

Feel free to also check out the Memory section of the Beginner's Guide as it goes into detail about memory mechanics!