The Long Goodbye

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Patch Summary




The displayed schedule of these banners is for the CN version of the game. The timing of these banners in the Global version is subject to change.


  • War Zone’s schedule has been changed from a biweekly cycle into a weekly cycle. The new cycle operates as follows:
    • Battle Phase: Monday 05:00 - Sunday 18:00
    • Results Phase: Sunday 18:00 - Monday 05:00
  • Teams and Team Rankings have been removed.
  • The Reserve, Scout, and Vanguard ranks have been removed from the Advanced War Zone; The Reserve rank has been removed from the Intermediate War Zone.
  • War Zone Merit will no longer protect the player from demotion. It will solely be used for promotion to the Legend rank.
  • War Zone Honor system has been added. The player acquires 1 point of War Zone Honor upon completing every cycle. Excluding Legend rank, the player can consume 2 points of War Zone Honor to avoid demotion. War Zone Honor will not be granted if the player’s score is 0.
  • Area 1 and 2 have been removed from all stages.
  • Each elemental stage will now receive its own Full-Realm Support that corresponds to its element.
  • [Entropic Outlier] has been added to the Hero and Legend ranks. This is the third zone that contains 2 elemental stages. The score for [Entropic Outlier] is dictated by the elemental stage in which the player scores higher. [Entropic Outlier] will have 2 Full-Realm Support buffs that correspond to both of its elemental stages.
    • Example: This week’s [Entropic Outlier] contains Physical and Ice stages. A Physical Full-Realm Support buff and an Ice Full-Realm Support buff are available. The player scores 2 million in the Physical stage and 3 million in the Ice stage. In this case, the player’s score for [Entropic Outlier] will be 3 million.
  • Following these changes, the content of weekly War Zone-related missions has been adjusted.


  • Strongholds 22-26 have been added.
  • Players can now Hypertune multiple Memories at once.
  • The DMG penalty for deploying Uniframes together with Omniframes has been removed.
  • Added the preview feature for Arrival Construct/Fate Arrival Construct banner rotations.
  • Added a one-click completion feature for Dormitory events and Dormitory Commission.

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