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Debuts in the Untold Naraka patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Supporter · Element: Physical (100%) 50%


9S's Secret 1

"Once, long ago, a volcano erupted. From the fires of the eruption, a god emerged.
One day, the good appeared before the machines and said:
"Consciousness, pain, joy, misery...
Fury, shame, desolation, the future...
The meaning of life."

9S's Secret 2

Each of the machines treated their treasures with great care. One treasured family above all else. Another treasured its older sibling. Another treasured its own beauty. But one more machine treasured something unique above all else...

9S's Secret 3

"After a long period of battles and adventures, the prophet spoke.
O grant me the mercy of the land!
O grant me the joy of the heaven!
Release me from my yoke of iron.... Thus shall our souls be saved.
Forever and ever."

9S's Secret 4

[TOP SECRET] [Project 02-01 Establishment of the YoRHa Squadron]
Through the dramatic alteration of the Next Generation Combat Unit Project that had been proposed at the time, new "YoRHa" models began to be manufactured.
Officials models were created following the implementation of data acquired from an experimental squadron, and were then deployed to all regions.
Certain members of the YoRHa operations staff, however, were informed of the full scope of the project—these units were tasked to operate and protect the server on the moon.

9S's Secret 5

[TOP SECRET] The following materials document the final stages of the YoRHa project.
(Note that this information is classified as Level-SS, meaning that it must not be disclosed to anyone involved in the YoRHa project, including the Commander of the Bunker.)
[Project 03-01 Disposal of YoRHa]
The backdoor of the Bunker has been set to open once the time approaches to switch to new models when enough combat data has been collected.
The Bunker will be disposed of by having it be delibrately attacked by machines.
At this time, all materials regarding the YoRHa project, including this document, will be lost, and falsification of the information that ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ will be complete.

9S's Secret 6


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9S's Secret 11


9S's Secret 12


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