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Debuts in the Voyage Among the Remains patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (100%) 50%


Stigmata's Secret 1

Because Stigmata's appearance and specifications are much different from Zero's, when Bianca first appeared before the Purifying Force in this frame, some members didn't even recognize her as their captain.

Stigmata's Secret 2

When Bianca was appointed as the captain of the Purifying Force, most of the members were displeased. But after she “courteously” invited all members to spend one day with her in the training room, all doubts and gloom disappeared as if they had never existed.

Stigmata's Secret 3

Fond of reading and studying literature, Bianca once had an enthusiasm for creating a movie script sparked in her mind. However, it quickly cooled off when she could not think up a name for her movie. To this day, that ambition still resides in a little corner of her heart.

Stigmata's Secret 4

Chiko once said that Bianca “has ferocious aggressiveness deep within her heart.” It left Bianca completely bewildered, but no matter how hard she pressed for an explanation, Chiko never revealed the reasons behind her judgment.

Stigmata's Secret 5

The head-mounted Inver-Device is specially devised to operate with the Phantom Tracer, which can most accurately detect and capture the Punishing Virus residuals. Although it appears to have rotatable joints, it actually cannot be rotated.

Stigmata's Secret 6

In order to enhance the “lamp-like” feeling, the Phantom Tracer is equipped with a lighting function. However, because Mother's tissue sealed inside will also emit an apparitional light when this function is activated, Bianca has avoided using it to prevent unnecessary anxiety.

Stigmata's Secret 7

Bianca's biggest interest is watching movies. There are even display cabinets in her personal dorm specifically for classic literary movie discs that she spent most of her salary on. After switching into Stigmata, she has become hooked on knight-themed fantasy movies from the Golden Age.

Stigmata's Secret 8

The Swordstaff was originally called “Black Excalibur” in its designer's personal file before being finalized as “Hecate”. As it was too different from Bianca's style, Bianca rejected it once it was proposed.

Stigmata's Secret 9

Perhaps not many people noticed it, but Bianca and Chiko were actually good friends. They once went to the movies together on their day off in Babylonia, but had a big disagreement over whether to watch a romance or a spy movie.

Stigmata's Secret 10

Bianca was once ridiculed as a “half-baked captain” within the Purifying Force. In order to fortify Bianca's leadership, Chiko did many things with great effort behind the scenes, but the two of them never spoke about it even though Bianca was aware of what Chiko had done.

Stigmata's Secret 11

Karenina once strongly demanded an investigation into the structural and safety issues of the Phantom Tracer as she was concerned that it would inflict irreversible damage on Bianca's M.I.N.D. After facing repeated harsh rejections from Kurono, Bianca spent a long time reassuring Karenina to not worry about her.

Stigmata's Secret 12

Due to the different natures of the Purifying Force and the Task Force, Bianca did not share much time with the commandant of Gray Raven. Naturally, before their first Deep M.I.N.D. connection, Gray Raven's commandant was worried that their connection would be unstable, but it turned out they achieved a high and stable sync rate every time they established a Deep M.I.N.D. connection.

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