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Debuts in the Left Unsaid patch. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (20%) Ice (80%) 50%



BPM-11, frame name Vitrum, Attacker, Egret Squad Construct. The frame was modified by the Science Council based on an old non-attacker frame to fulfill the requirements of a combat model.


The frame experienced a lot of adaptation issues at the early stage after carrying the combat module due to its obsolete prototype. The most serious issue was overheating paralysis. Eventually, the bio-coating shells in the front and back of the spine were removed for better heat extraction at the cost of potential M.I.N.D. deviations according to Commandant Vanessa's order.


Since most Constructs have coatings resembling humans instead of robots, Bambinata's exposed spine is a very dangerous design, but luckily, it didn't lead to any issues. With technological advances, Vitrum's early issues have already been resolved through module optimization, but Bambinata hasn't raised any coating modification requests after that.


Considering various issues, Mantis Blades that can be hidden in the arms were eventually adopted as Bambinata's weapons. Meanwhile, the outer shells of the arms were strengthened to an unprecedented level to withstand the impact brought by the blades.


Bambinata's "amnesia" is still one of the Science Council's research subjects today. Only a few insiders know that behind her amnesia is the hardest problem at the moment—how the Inver-Device works and induces M.I.N.D. diseases related to it.


One of the rules in Bambinata's enlistment protocol says, "The Construct was enlisted and modified for battles as an exception due to the rarity of its current status and past experiment performances. However, the military holds the right to use the frame for activities including but not limited to observation, analysis, and research."

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