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Debuts in the Spiral of Chronos patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Fire (100%) 50%


Hyperreal's Secret 1

There are always staff and Constructs talking about Lee's new frame, as it looks vastly different from the old one, but Lee doesn't know that they're talking about him.

Hyperreal's Secret 2

Lee has developed the habit of working at night as he was required to do so by his old job. A few Constructs were scared by him at night during Lee's early days in Babylonia. He was even once known as the midnight ghost in the lounge.

Hyperreal's Secret 3

Lee was not interested in philosophy at all. However, after switching to the Hyperreal frame, he started to read books such as The Concept of Time and Being and Time and take notes.

Hyperreal's Secret 4

During his rest time, Lee will adjust weapons and the exoskeleton for the Gray Raven members based on their individual preferences. This is a responsibility he is reluctant to delegate, given his past experience of a mishap where the commandant suffered dislocation due to inaccurately positioned equipment that has been repaired by someone else.

Hyperreal's Secret 5

Lee found some luminous parts of the Hyperreal frame redundant and attempted to cover them up. However, a researcher found it out and stopped him with the reason that these parts "can help the frame lose heat effectively."

Hyperreal's Secret 6

One of Lee's hobbies is playing number game such as sudoku. Although he has invited other Gray Raven members to join him, the commandant is the only one willing to play these games "full of the fun of logical thinking" with him.

Hyperreal's Secret 7

Lee doesn't like to talk about the part related to Kurono in his file. Although Vera would occasionally bring it up to make fun of him, Lee can always deal with it calmly even though deep down he still feels disgusted about that experience.

Hyperreal's Secret 8

The Gray Raven logo on the inside of the frame's special combat coat was sprayed by Lee. No one had discovered the logo until half of the coat was modified to make it easier for Lee to gather strength.

Hyperreal's Secret 9

Although Lee prefers his old hair color, the coating research staff of WGAA told him that they had run out of storage of the hair of that color. Therefore, between the two options proposed by Asimov, i.e. "using the Inver-Device as a hat to cover the head" or using this hair color, Lee chose the second one.

Hyperreal's Secret 10

The arm of the new frame has gone through a second modification to match the new weapon. However, the modified arm can't fit in the original special combat suit. The third time Lee broke his sleeve when gathering strength from his arm, he finally lost patience and tore off the sleeve.

Hyperreal's Secret 11

Lee came up with an "exclusive cipher" to chat with Murray when he was little, but he hadn't been able to use it for a long time until he recently received Murray's comms that brought it back to his life again.

Hyperreal's Secret 12

Lee rarely cooks, for he will turn the kitchen into a lab by measuring everything to the milligram the minute he walks in and picks up a seasoning box. Although not good at cooking, Lee is surprisingly good at making coffee because some commandant loves drinking coffee for breakfast.

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