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Debuts in the Surviving Glimmer patch. The frame that “he” made to save Noan. Initially weighing only 41.3 kg, it was built with many degraded components in order to reduce the user’s movement. Its normal functionality has been ensured after undergoing Babylonia’s improvements. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Vanguard · Element: Physical (10%) Lightning (90%) 50%


Arca's Secret 1

When he was a kid, he read a lot of mangas in the book storage room, and there were quite some weird ones among them. As a result, he can enjoy all kinds of books, especially those recommended by his comrades. He will make sure to finish them.

Arca's Secret 2

He once left a manga in City 075 in order to make room for supplies in his bag. While investigating the place, Gray Raven found the book, which had a pear blossom between the pages. Later, he retrieved the book, but lost it again when he was severely injured in City 210.

Arca's Secret 3

Noan still dreams of his past from time to time. Now he can become aware of the dream and wake up, because the clockwork firefly is always intact in the dream.

Arca's Secret 4

He has lost count of the skills he learned in the past in order to survive. There is one thing he isn't good at, though, which is cooking. That's because he didn't have the chance to cook before he became a Construct. Now he can make decent food as long as there is a recipe to follow. Sometimes he still tries to eat the offcut ingredients, because he thinks throwing them away is a waste.

Arca's Secret 5

Whenever he doesn't know what to say, he'd start to tell weird jokes with a perfectly straight face. Most of the time people think he is being serious, because he definitely looks it. Before he begins, Noan would always say "Let me tell you a secret." If the listener takes it, though, he'll start to explain. That is, if he still has the chance.

Arca's Secret 6

His comrades from the Cargo Crew used to say he was very good at consoling people. As a result, he was often asked to talk with others over a drink. Noan doesn't drink. He doesn't even like the smell of alcohol and tobacco. Still, he won't leave someone who needs help and company alone.

Arca's Secret 7

He doesn't know how to react to tears, nor can he tell if someone is faking crying. Whenever someone cries, he gets very nervous, even though he manages to maintain a straight face. He also tends to say yes to things he usually wouldn't at such times.

Arca's Secret 8

If there is an afterlife, Noan wants to be a seagull. Actually, he had never seen the sea or a seagull before he became a Construct.

Arca's Secret 9

He was known to be a stubborn kid on Commoner Carriage N before the age of thirteen. A few reckless rebellions earned him the nickname "prickly chestnut" behind his back. However, since he never had the chance to see chestnut shells or anyone getting injured from picking chestnuts, he didn't realize the nickname was meant for him at all.

Arca's Secret 10

Noan doesn't really have a preference for colors, but he does like things that are white and pure, like white fabrics, white feathers, clouds on a sunny day, clean paper... The only white thing he doesn't like is snow, especially a snowy field.

Arca's Secret 11

He has a friendly personality. He used to have a lot of friends when he was a human, but only really connected with a few of them. He tends to be slow and reluctant to react to people. Most of the time he won't open up until he has known someone for a long while. He'll only want to get closer to someone when he becomes familiar with them.

Arca's Secret 12

He tells his true feelings to those who he feels close to. When he realizes that certain things he says will cause them to react in a funny way, he'd occasionally make fun of them on purpose. He is aware that he is still a kid deep inside, but he doesn't intend to pretend otherwise in front of his friends.

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