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Debuts in the Reveries With A Whale patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Vanguard · Element: Physical (100%) 50%



Before she's a Construct, Pulao secretly learned dancing, but she looked "more like an agile martial artist than an elegant dancer." This is where her dance-like attack moves came from.


"Fuxi told me that Constructs were humans in mechanical bodies... So I guess there must be machines with human minds." In the eyes of young Pulao, machines and mankind are the same in essence, which may be utterly ridiculous but could also be a truth that humans ignore out of arrogance.


According to Fuxi's research, Dragontoll's frame doesn't have any outstanding designs in terms of strength output, which means Pulao's exceptional strength is completely a result of its creator's delicate frame adjustments and the unique strength techniques in her M.I.N.D.


Normally, Pulao doesn't carry weapons in combat as she doesn't want to use her full force. The reason why she selects Dragon Axe as her weapon is because it is heavy enough and won't fly too far away even if it slips out of her hands.


Although Pulao doesn't remember anything before the Nighter, she knows that it must be a precious memory. She also believes that what she has got at the cost of it must be something that's even more valuable.


"Although I barely understand what value is, I want to protect those who are in pursuit of it and everything they cherish." People always spend their life searching for their own value, which gives value to the process itself. What happened on the Nighter may have already become "Pulao's" value.

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