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Debuts in the The Ark Beyond patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Vanguard · Element: Physical (10%) Ice (90%) 50%



Designation MPA-01, officially known as Heuristic Artificial Intelligence Caretaking Machine-Alpha. Serving as the administrative Al of the machine consciousness experiment, Haicma's main program was once installed in a mainframe computer at the Machine Consciousness Experiment Research Institute of the original Science Council for recording and analyzing the experiment process.


Among all the experimental subjects in the machine consciousness experiment, there was a special one named Nanami. She gave Haicma a name that only belonged to her and extended an invitation to "become friends" that no other machines had ever done before. Under Nanami's guidance, Haicma developed self-awareness for the first time. In a sense, Haicma is the first mechanoid influenced by "Sagemachina".


"I will find her." After obtaining a new body and mission, Haicma embarked on a journey to find Nanami. Along her journey, Haicma encountered different machines and learned about the existence of "Sage" through their beliefs. Little does she know that when she meets the girl from her memories again, the girl will have already become "Sagemachina" that is believed to save each and every machine.


"I believe you are aware that I can simulate most personalities within human definitions." In order to optimize experiment recording, the administrative Al's emotion module has hundreds of personality types installed, and its simulation and computing capability can perfectly harness any human personality. However, Haicma would often rather communicate through her own "perception" and "thinking" than rely on this function.


Although Haicma understands the objective definition of all emotions, she has never thought that she has genuine emotions like humans. Aware of her mechanical nature, she realizes that her emotions are a product of the emotion module's simulation, yet she will subconsciously store up those indescribable feelings and pursue anything about humans that can arouse unique emotions and create a "miracle" itself.


"Information is a cradle for a machine's self-awareness. However, facing a future that falls beyond computing power, I... What should Haicma do?" A machine's thinking revolves around taking "rational" rather than "desired" action. Haicma realizes this is the difference between herself and Sage. She wants to find the answer to this question-even though her functions may terminate long before she reaches that singularity, she believes she has already taken the first step.

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