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Debuts in the A New Divide patch. A frame for Karenina designed to adapt to the low gravity environment on the moon’s surface. Its core power system is equipped with the latest small-scale gravity control unit and can even perform short-term aerial maneuvers. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Dark (100%) 50%


Scire's Secret 1

At the beginning of the modification, she didn't expect Kurono would accept all her outrageous demands. And as a result, the backup plan she prepared was never used.

Scire's Secret 2

The only design proposal rejected was the one created based on her personal preference—an Inver-Device that is twice as large as the current one. The argument was settled with Karenina's compromise, after the person showed her a scenario where the wearer had to crouch down to pass through the doorway after installing the Inver-Device.

Scire's Secret 3

Members of the Engineering Force can hear their captain and vice-captain arguing almost every day. Although it sounds like Karenina is winning, Teddy is also impeccable. Currently, Karenina's win-loss ratio against Teddy is 126:382.

Scire's Secret 4

Even in Babylonia, people like Karenina who have pursued education after becoming Constructs were very rare, not to mention that she graduated with the highest score among all students in her major.

Scire's Secret 5

During her study, Karenina tried learning musical instruments and eventually chose to learn the drums. Her vocal teacher at the time described the sound as "the beats that strike the soul" and soon after that, advised her to quit in a gentle manner.

Scire's Secret 6

To adapt to the new combat style, Karenina has to go through high-intensity zero-gravity and hyper-gravity training every day. The biggest struggle to overcome is to avoid being hit by her two ponytails in the face during the spin.

Scire's Secret 7

The Blast Hammer was intentionally designed to retain the capability of launching projectiles, so that Karenina can still "bring back her good old days" from time to time. As her shooting targets are usually the ruins that need to be demolished, this leisure activity of hers has actually saved a large amount of money that would otherwise be spent on demolition machinery.

Scire's Secret 8

Due to the slight difference between the simulated gravity on the Moon and Babylonia, Karenina often hit the ceiling for exerting too much force when she first arrived on the Moon.

Scire's Secret 9

When Karenina was back to Babylonia, it took her some time to get used to the simulated gravity there. She acted gently even when walking. Surprised by her overly delicate movements, members suggested her to get more rest.

Scire's Secret 10

For a long time, Karenina didn't understand why people kept looking at the top of her head while talking to her, until the Gray Raven Commandant explained that her Inver-Device shook back and forth when she talked.

Scire's Secret 11

Karenina seems to become more "candid" than before. When Bianca pointed this out with relief, Karenina explained that it was only a self-abandonment behavior because she couldn't turn off the emotional perception function of her Inver-Device.

Scire's Secret 12

Tip for getting leave approved in the Engineering Force: Leave applications have at least 30% more chance to be approved when Gray Raven's Commandant is at the Engineering Force. —Teddy

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