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Liv has cut her hair as a statement of her strong will to return to the battlefield. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Support · Element: Physical (20%) Lightning (80%) 50%



Liv's new frame was customized by the commandant of Egret, Liv's previous squad.


Liv cut her own hair as a sign of her determination to break with the past, asserting her identity as Liv of Gray Raven.


The change in frame did not signify a change in Liv's character. It is her attitude that has changed.


In order to become more useful in battle, Liv has initiated a training program that puts great pressure not just on herself, but on the commandant as well.
Her zealousness seems to have become something of a headache for the commandant.


Liv wants to work hard, to be more useful to the commandant, to remain in Gray Raven, by the side of its commandant. The change in frame has only made her feelings all the more intense.


Liv finally understood her commandant's words.
She does not need to carry everything by herself. Her commandant and her comrades are there for her.

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