Haicma: Starveil

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Debuts in The Ark Beyond patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Vanguard · Element: Physical (10%) Ice (90%) 50%


A mechanoid from the Church of Machina that roams Earth in search of the Sagemachina. Compared with other mechanoids, she seems to have other reasons for pursuing this "Sage".
Control - Freezes enemies to restrain their actions.
Burst — Deals massive DMG in a short time.
Physical (10%) Ice (90%)
Church of Machina
Picture Book

Optimal Weapon: Galatea

Bitter Frost deals 20% more Base DMG. Bitterfrost Level's Energy acquisition speed increases by 100%.

Memory Builds ◇ Haicma: Starveil

A list of recommended builds for Haicma: Starveil can be found here. Each tab represents one build — click the tabs below to view each one.
See here for more information about Ultima Awakening and resonance slots.

Disclaimer: Memories displayed here are arranged so that their stats are optimized based on their varying values in different positions.
However, it's more cost-effective to arrange all 2-piece sets in top slots for easy swapping between builds, even if stats aren't optimized.

Memory Placement
Isabel x6

Memory Resonance
Note: Top and Bottom Resonance Slots can be assumed to be resonated to x6 of the below effects unless specified in orange.
Top Resonance Slot (1):
Ex — Tactical Adjustment: HP +75, ATK +15

Bottom Resonance Slot (2):
Frost - Treated Blade: Signature Move Level + 1
Key Notes
  • Haicma: Starveil's main build
  • Ultima Awakening Set
  • General-purpose set

Skills & Passives

Red Orb

Gravity Matrix — Ping Red Orb

Automatically uses a 3-Ping version of this attack upon switch-in.
Spins and pulls in surrounding enemies, dealing Physical DMG (Ice DMG instead on a 3-Ping).
- Deals 300% / 600% / 900% Physical DMG based on the number of orbs pinged.
Yellow Orb

Frostbite Leap — Ping Yellow Orb

Dashes toward the enemy, dealing Physical DMG (Ice DMG instead on a 3-Ping).
- Deals 300% / 600% / 900% Physical DMG based on the number of orbs pinged.
Blue Orb

Chain Reflection — Ping Blue Orb

Slashes and deals Physical DMG (Ice DMG instead on a 3-Ping) before turning around and shooting a ray of frost in an arc, dealing Ice DMG.
- The slash deals 100% / 200% / 300% Physical DMG based on the number of orbs pinged.
- The ray of frost deals 200% / 400% / 600% Ice DMG based on the number of orbs pinged.
Basic Attack

Sinusoidal Blade — Tap Basic Attack

Attacks with the Scythe, dealing Physical DMG.
- Deals 860% Physical DMG in total.

Huntress' Command

Bitter Frost — Press and hold Dodge
Press and hold Dodge to activate and charge Bitterfrost Level. Release Dodge when Bitterfrost Level is fully charged to release Bitter Frost, dealing Ice DMG. Releasing Dodge before fully charged will result in no attacks, and Bitterfrost Level will gradually decrease. Getting hit while charging will deduct Dodge Gauge and performs Flash if there is enough Dodge Gauge available. Gains Super Armor and bonus Extra DMG Reduction when Bitterfrost Level is activated.
- Deals 1400% Ice DMG.
- Flash has a 1.5s cooldown.
- When Bitterfrost Level is activated, Extra DMG Reduction increases by 50%.

Frost-Treated Blade

Frost-Treated Blade — Critical Point: 30 Energy + Tap Signature
Casts Frost-Treated Blade: Critical Point, imbuing her weapon and turning all DMG she deals into Ice DMG. In this state, Signature Energy does not recover, but all attacks increase the Froststream Level.

Frost-Treated Blade: Quench — Has Froststream Level + Tap Signature
Tap the Signature button again to cast Frost-Treated Blade: Quench, dealing DMG and giving all enemies Frozen Status for a period of time based on the Froststream Level. Remove Frozen Status from enemies when damaging affected enemies with Bitter Frost.
- Deals up to 5600% DMG based on the Froststream Level.
- Frozen Status lasts up to 5s.


Comes down from above and creates a Frost Terrain, dealing Ice DMG.
- Deals 900% Ice DMG.

Leader - Hidden Star

Increases Ice DMG of all members by 5%. Increases ATK of all Vanguard Uniframes by 10%.


Gains 20% Extra DMG Bonus and a shield that absorbs DMG up to 20% of max HP for 10s when the character is deployed.

Ultima Awaken

Gains 3 Signal Orbs when entering battle.

Apocalyptic Heart

The Base DMG of Frost-Treated Blade: Quench increases by 15%. Froststream Level recovers 6.7% every second.

Collective Engravement

Ice DMG increases by 10%. Gains 30 Signature Energy upon entering the battlefield.
SSS+ Rank

Timefall Embrace

Gives all enemies Frozen Status upon entering Matrix.

Uniframe Exclusive Skills

Speed Attack

CA - Diamond Dust

Speed Attack - CA - Diamond Dust: Upon dodging an enemy's All-out Attack by consuming Dodge Gauge when pressing and holding Dodge, or upon getting hit by an enemy's All-out Attack when charging Bitterfrost Level, Haicma: Starveil will amass Frost Wind and move it toward the direction of the joystick.

Depending on the Rank of Haicma: Starveil, hitting the target who performed the All-out Attack with her Frost Wind will deal Ice DMG equal to 6% / 8% / 10% / 12% of the target's max HP and depletes 15% / 20% / 25% / 30% of its Finisher Gauge. Hitting other targets with her Frost Wind will deal 300% Ice DMG.

Level 9 — Increases Execution meter reduction rate by 10% (does not apply to Counter and Parry).
Level 18 — Increases Execution meter reduction rate to 20% (does not apply to Counter and Parry).


EX - Glacial Burial

Finishing Move - EX - Glacial Burial: When the target has an empty Finisher Gauge and is within range of the Finishing Move EX - Glacial Burial, tap Basic Attack to have Haicma: Starveil suppress the target, annihilating it with her scythe and dealing surrounding enemies 800% Ice DMG.

Level 9 — Increases Execution meter reduction rate by 10% (does not apply to Counter and Parry).
Level 18 — Increases Execution meter reduction rate to 20% (does not apply to Counter and Parry).

Enhanced Speed Attack

Enhanced Speed Attack

After casting CA - Diamond Dust, Haicma:Starveil recovers 250 Dodge while detonating Frost Wind, dealing an extra 250% Ice DMG to surrounding enemies.

(Unlock requirement: CA - Diamond Dust reaches Lv 9.)

Enhanced Team

Enhanced Team

After any Uniframe in the team uses a Finishing Move, the Vanguard Skill effect of the next entering Uniframe increases by 50%, and its duration extends by 15s.

(Unlock requirement: CA - Diamond Dust and EX - Glacial Burial both reach Lv 18.)

Enhanced Finishing Move

Enhanced Finishing Move

Extra DMG Bonus increases by 100% when EX - Glacial Burial deals DMG to surrounding enemies. Haicma: Starveil enters Matrix after casting EX - Glacial Burial

(Unlock requirement: EX - Glacial Burial reaches Lv 9.)


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